551, 666, 838 Trilogía de Guillermo del Toro

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Re: 551, 666, 838 Trilogía de Guillermo del Toro

#201 Post by hearthesilence » Tue Nov 24, 2020 2:58 pm

That's actually one of the caps sites I consulted, particularly #8. I didn't go into these details before because it seemed like a lot of mundane stuff to throw out there, but FWIW, I usually have f.lux set to a substantial degree on my computer screen to go easy on my eyes. (I prefer it over Night Vision only because it's easy to toggle on and off if I want to view something with proper color rather than a dim orange/golden hue.) So after I go to that site and before I turn off f.lux, I can definitely see the milkiness you mention, it's very apparent. As soon as I flip off f.lux, a lot of it goes away to the point where it's subtle (at least for caps like #7 and #8, not #4 or #5 where it's still more apparent), enough that I can almost miss it, but I know the data's there to some degree. When I tested out the BD, the blacks looked much deeper than what I was seeing on those caps, i.e. not milky at all. At that point, it seemed to really come down to display settings. The difference in data is definitely there, but I'm just saying what I have as my default tweaks on my HDTV seems to handle those potential issues pretty well.

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