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Licensing Studios Number of Titles
20th Century Fox23
87 Productions2
Alain Sembčne1
American Zoetrope1
Anchor Bay Entertainment9
Apollo Associates1
ArenaFilm Pty, Inc.1
Argos Films10
Avenue Pictures1
Bait and Switch, Inc.1
Bazar do Video2
Black Snake, Inc.1
Bobwin Films1
Bonton Ateliery Zlin2
Buena Vista Home Entertainment12
Cabin Creek Films1
Capitol Records1
Casbah Films1
Castle Hill Productions8
CBS Films1
Celluloid Dreams1
Cine International4
Cinema Streams1
Cinematheque royale de Belgique1
Cinesthesia Productions Inc.2
Cino del Duca1
Code Red Films1
Corinth Films1
Cowboy Pictures1
Coyotes Productions1
Cristaldi Films9
Daiei Co.1
Detour Filmproduction1
Drew Associates, Inc.1
DSM III Films, Inc.1
Dusan Makavejev2
Editions Rene Chateau2
Edward R. Pressman Film Corp.1
Euro-London Films6
F&F Productions2
F.C Produzioni1
Film Constellation1
Filmove Studio Barrandov4
Films du Fleuve1
Filmverling des Autoren1
Flower Films1
Fourth Floor Productions, Inc.1
Fox Lorber/Wellspring19
Genius Entertainment1
Gordon Films6
Granada International Media8
Gruppo Mediaset2
HanWay Films12
Harold Lloyd Entertainment, Inc.3
Hollis Frampton1
IFC Films28
Image Entertainment10
Image Ten1
Independent Productions, Inc.1
International Films Ltd.1
International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic Committee2
Itami Productions Inc.1
ITV Global Entertainment19
Jacques Champreux 1
Janus Films25
Jeck Film3
Jumer Productions, Inc.6
Kadokawa Herald Pictures6
Kaikai Kiki1
Kartemquin Educational Films1
Keep Films, Ltd.1
KG Productions2
Kino International1
Knightsbridge Films Ltd.1
La Cinematheque francaise3
Lagarto Productions1
Last Wave Productions Pty. Ltd.1
Le Figaro Mara Films TV Recontre1
Le Pacte1
Les Artistes Anonymes Production1
Les Blank Films2
Les Documents Cinematographiques1
Les Films Ariane5
Les Films de L'Astrophone1
Les Films de Mon Oncle7
Les Films du Jeudi3
Les Films du Losange4
Les Films du Pantheon1
Les Grands Films Classiques1
Lisa Stantic Producciones S.A.1
Locus Solus Inc.1
Lopert Films2
Lord of the Flies Company1
Lotar Film Srl1
Lusomundo Audiovisuals, S.A.2
Majestic Films1
Marco Bellocchio1
Matthew Irvine and Peter Soby Jr.1
Maysles Films4
Medusa Film1
Merchant Ivory Productions1
Mercury Film, Inc.1
MGM Home Entertainment42
Minerva Pictures1
MLF Productions, Inc.1
Modern Sound Pictures Inc.1
Mr. Bongo Worldwide Ltd.1
Mystery Train, Inc.1
National Film Board of Canada1
New Line Home Entertainment7
Nikkatsu Co.13
Nordisk Film1
Nouvelles Editions de Films9
Oshima Productions, Ltd.1
Paradise Films1
Paramount Home Entertainment26
Pennebaker-Hegedus Films4
Picnic Productions Pty. Ltd.1
Plaza Productions International6
Praesons-Film AG1
Pressman Williams Enterprises, Inc.1
Pretty Pictures3
Rai Radiotelivisione Italiana2
Rainbow Pictures Corp.1
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation5
Rhino Entertainment Company1
Rialto Pictures18
River Road Productions1
RLJ Entertainment1
Roissy Films3
Sandcastle Productions2
Sandrew Metronome5
SGF Properties, Inc.2
Sonny Fox Productions1
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment38
Specta Films3
Stan Brakhage3
Steen Herdel & Co.1
Studio 371
Studio Canal33
Sundance Selects15
Surf Film S.r.l.3
Svensk Filmindustri21
Sveriges Radio1
Sveriges Television AB1
Swedish Film Institute4
Telling Pictures1
Tequila Gang S.A. de C.V.1
Terry Zwigoff1
TFI/Revcom International2
The Classic Collection1
The Danish Film Institute1
The Film Company1
The Match Factory3
The Monterey International Pop Festival Foundation3
The RDB Organization3
The Sakai Agency1
The Taiwan Film Institute1
Toho Co.39
Trading Films2
Trust Film Sales2
United Film Enterprises2
Universal Studios Home Entertainment49
Upcoast Film Consultants, Inc.2
USA Films2
Valerie Pascal Delacorte and the Society of Authors representing George Bernard Shaw1
Video Mercury8
Waltzing Clouds, Inc.1
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment26
Water Bearer Films1
Westchester Films10
Westerly Films1
Westward Productions1
Whaley-Malin Productions Ltd.1
William Greaves Productions1
Woodfall Film Productions Ltd.2
World Cinema Project16
Worldwide Entertainment2
Wytwornia Filmow Dokumentainych i Fabularnych1
Zeitgeist Films1

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