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Re: Rick and Morty

#76 Post by colinr0380 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 5:38 am

2:5 Get Schwifty
This episode is all about giant heads appearing and forcing the Earth to take part in an intergalactic singing contest. Perhaps the most bizarre thing about the show now is that it has a black President! The trailer for Ice T's new film after the credits sounds about on a par with Jupiter Ascending or the Thor series, and maybe seems more promising!

The best part of this episode is the way it shows what happens to people left out of the loop with regards to the actual plans to save the Earth as Beth, Jerry and Summer end up in a religion that worships the giant heads perhaps a bit too fervently! I especially like that it gets at the way that people might not actually 'believe', but stick with the religion because of all of the practical Earthly benefits that it can provide: keeping children in line and behaving better with a 'purpose' than they would if left to their own devices (literally in that this is the first time Summer is really off of her smartphone!), and promising Beth promotions that she could only dream about without being a member ("You will go from horse surgeon, straight over human surgeon, to 'Head' of medicine!")

2: 6 - The Ricks Must Be Crazy
"This just sounds like slavery, but with extra steps"

The World On A Wire episode, as Rick and Morty go inside their car battery to find out why it is not working. It turns out that Rick has created a small universe with a planet inside it full of people making energy that he can siphon off. But unfortunately some enterprising scientist has created a new form of labour saving energy within that universe, which is another, smaller universe. And so on...

Will Rick and Morty escape back up through the levels before their in universe rival gets there before them? A really great episode, particularly for Morty's exasperated sign off to the forest people for their backward behaviour and for the surprisingly devastating end of someone left having to keep a fake universe going to ensure their real existence continues. I suppose that is always the potential danger of meeting your Creator and fully unravelling the secrets of your universe.

This is all whilst Summer stays securely locked inside the car, where nothing bad happens to her at all.

2:7 - Big Trouble In Little Sanchez
The perils of aging, as Rick puts himself into a younger clone body to solve vampire mysteries at his grandchildren's high school, only to become intoxicated by youth, leading to a rather bloody conclusion! Very interesting ideas here of people potentially doing physical damage to themselves because they are more interested in having short term fun, along with Morty using Rick to get closer to Jennifer suggesting how easy it is to put any concerns for others aside when the side benefits are working in your favour.

Meanwhile Beth and Jerry go off world to deal with their marriage issues and end up destroying an entire psychiatric facility Jurassic Park-style by their projections of each other (one a giant malevolent insect; the other a rather wimpy worm) escaping and wreaking havoc! (Because humans are 'less evolved' than aliens and therefore instead of battling to the death their projections of each other become co-dependent!) Again the Beth and Jerry story is the much more interesting one, with the nice idea that Beth is so strong and powerful in Jerry's projection in either insect conqueror or light emitting goddess form! And that Beth can help to bulk out Jerry's view of himself a little too, at least as long as he does not say anything to ruin the moment!
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Re: Rick and Morty

#77 Post by thirtyframesasecond » Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:17 pm

In The Ricks Must Be Crazy, I love Morty trying to make light of Nathan Fielder's character thinking about his dad dying - "old lady science, huh?"

Get Schwifty is probably my go-to episode - "The Dream? You guys haven't heard of THE DREAM?". Keith David is awesome in this.

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Re: Rick and Morty

#78 Post by furbicide » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:04 pm

I feel like this show is really hit and miss, and probably only really like about one episode in four, but when it works it really works – weirdly (particularly after a mostly sub-par season), I thought the Season 3 finale (The Rickchurian Mortydate) was one of the best episodes of the entire series.

(And while not R&M per se, as an Australian I did find Bushworld Adventures strangely relatable...)

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Re: Rick and Morty

#79 Post by colinr0380 » Sat Mar 09, 2019 6:35 am

2:8 Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate
This is the 'watching TV' episode to match season 1's Rixty Minutes, and which seems to be the show's annual equivalent to the Treehouse of Horror (The Simpsons) or Anthology of Interest (Futurama) episodes for allowing the show to go off into freeform stream of consciousness bizarre gags. I have already mentioned the Jan-Michael Vincent film trailer (the all action equivalent of "Ball Fondlers" from season 1) in the passages thread which is amazing, but the obscure, abstractedly kinky(?) creation of the plumbus is also great! And the eyehole man creeps me out! Whilst all this is going on Jerry is struggling to hold on to his manhood, which allows for a great cameo from an alien voiced by Werner Herzog (!) providing a very Herzogian musing that "their entire culture is built around their penises"!

2:9 Look Who's Purging Now
Similar to episode 2 of this series, Mortynight Run, in the premise that Morty wants to intervene in an injustice that is occurring which only leads to death on a wider scale, this is the episode based on The Purge with Morty shifting his views on the rightness of such a thing from one extreme to the other! (It only takes being forced to listen to somebody's interminably bad screenplay to externalise those homicidal impulses!) Whilst Rick just murders when it is fun to do so, rather than to work out repressed rage! (It turns out you can murder someone with just a spoon if you have to!) I particularly like the twist ending that tries to assure us that Morty is back to normal (perhaps in response to all of the character swapping from earlier in the show?), only to immediately negate that suggestion that it was Morty being 'forced' to act out of character!

It also perhaps has the best teenager-parent interaction in the Summer and Jerry subplot (I'm on Summer's side in that exchange!)

2:10 The Wedding Squanchers
I'm glad that Tammy and Birdperson's squanch developed over the series to the point where they get squanched! They seem squanch for each other, and almost too good to be squanchy! Its also never a truly successful squanch unless squanching breaks out, so they should not beat themselves up over that! A shame it happened before they cut the squanch though.

Also the family shopping for a new home planet on the run from the Galactic Federation offers the choice between a number of unappealing habitats reminiscent of Interstellar's planets!
So with some of the comments previous in the thread about things going more internal to Rick's character and Rick giving himself up to the Federation at the end and getting placed in alien prison, I am preparing myself for a Minority Report-style twist in season 3!
Also since both season finales have revolved around get-togethers that Birdperson and Tammy have important supporting roles in, I am curious as to how season 3 will end now! Maybe it was just coincidence, as I cannot imagine either of them coming back in their original forms! In its sacrifice to return the remains of the family to an Earth that has just discovered its place in the universe and is beginning to integrate with alien life (mostly through tourism), this also seems to reinforce the comments on Total Rickall earlier in the thread:
It fits in with the previous episodes in the way that the brain parasite is creating happy, fake, too good to be true memories of relationships, which have to be systematically destroyed to get back to the imperfect real world where they are just left with actual real people that they kind of hate (or at least find annoying) to varying degrees, mostly because they each actually have an existence independent from each other that puts them in conflict. Lots of the alien beings in the series seem to be trying to impose some sort of unity on individuals, which removes conflict, grants desires and leads to a kind of bland form of peace and harmony, but which also removes the opportunity for individuals to have their own thoughts and feelings about a situation from them, even if it leads to them living unfulfilled or in pain. Maybe it is rather Schopenhauerian, though perhaps not to the extent of Neon Genesis Evangelion!

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Re: Rick and Morty

#80 Post by colinr0380 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:11 am

colinr0380 wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:56 am
In the wake of Rick and Morty appearing on mainstream UK television for the first time I have finally got around to watching my discs of the series. I do have one question though, which is probably going to be the most Simpsons nerd question ever and perhaps is only occurring to me because I have watched the episode a couple of times, but in Close Rick-Encounters of the Rick Kind we follow the Rick and Morty that we know into the multiplicity of other parallel universe Ricks and Mortys and they are brought before the "Council of Ricks" where we learn then name of his universe (C-137) and that this Rick has always been "the malcontent, the rogue".

Yet a few episodes earlier our Rick & Morty destroyed their universe by transforming everyone into Cronenbergian abominations and then bailed on their universe and took the place of a Rick & Morty who had actually solved the problem but then died immediately afterwards! So does that mean the Rick that is being told that he is the 'rogue' is actually not? Do the other Ricks know that this Rick is an 'impersonator' from another universe? And how many times can I say Rick in a sentence? Rick, Rick, Rick...

I am probably overthinking things wildly but it is the kind of series where it both makes sense to overthink and feels a bit silly to do so at one and the same time! I am really curious if this will come up again in the series, as an aside or even a major plot point.

I have currently just started season 2 and love the first episode which deals with the potentially universe shattering consequences of stopping time for six months between the two seasons! Poor Albert Einstein though, getting brutally beaten in an unfortunate case of mistaken identity!
tenia wrote:
Thu Feb 28, 2019 5:52 am
The Pocket Mortys game plays quite a lot (IIRC) on this. Basically, it's all a Rick-centered world (or, rather, universe of universes), and Mortys are indeed pretty much a commodity. That's why I never really gave much thought to what you described, because the answer I spontaneously thought was "well, Rick probably travelled many universes already and the family we're shown isn't even his original one" !
From what the article gathers, it seems to be indeed the case.
I have been listening through the commentary tracks on season 2 and one comment from the season finale episode suggested that they were going to pick up on this thread, though eventually did not in order to keep the ending all about Rick:
When the family return to Earth after Rick's arrest, there is a brief scene of them being DNA-tested at the airport before being thrown out onto the street. While it plays just like a small gag about Homeland Security treatment of new arrivals in the episode, on the commentary track it was mentioned that at one point this test was going to reveal Morty as not being from the current universe and he was going to be detained to get returned to the Cronenberg-ed universe, to put him in a similarly awful series ending cliffhanger position to rival Rick in the Federation prison!

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Re: Rick and Morty

#81 Post by colinr0380 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:09 am

The third season amps things up quite considerably. Its much darker and violent. Summer is taking after Rick and Beth and is probably the most level headed character of the season (except when it comes to boys). Beth belatedly starts to question her entire sense of self after being the only member of the family not tampered with (as far as we know). Jerry somehow becomes so pathetic even the wind knows it. Morty seems to take after his father in the sense that he needs his pathetic side to reign him in and stop him from turning into a complete conscience-less unfeeling sociopath able to casually re-enact scenes from Boiler Room. We also keep getting shown 'decent Ricks', often at the point that they turn into the Rick we know (usually when he has nothing to live for. But they're all 'fake Ricks'). Everyone dies multiple times, and that is often the least horrible thing that happens to them. This is apparently made post Dan Harmon's divorce and that appears to have become the theme of the whole season, as Beth and Jerry decide to split up and everyone goes crazy and acts out about it in response.

It also has some of the very best episodes of the show:

3.1: The Rickshank Redemption
"What's going on?"
"It's hard to tell. He may have manifested some sort of butt."
"He can do that?"
"He is the smartest man in the universe"

Well that escalated quickly. With Rick in Galactic Federation space prison and Summer determined to save him, all of the dark secrets of the past get unearthed. It is like a more elaborate version of M. Night Shyam-Aliens from season 1. Rick loses his 'original' body through escalating body swapping shenanigans, and manages to completely destroy (by merging) both of the galactic authorities (i.e. parents) together to fight it out for him. Of course the only way to bring down a society is to destroy their economy.

Jerry yet again gets everything he wants in terms of respect under the Galactic Federation only for Rick to completely take it away ("Look I'm not proud to say this but the truth is that I just kept crawling and it kept working"), which leads to his one willful act that causes the break up that throws him out of the house for the rest of the season. I also like that Summer's bug theory pays off!

And it does a fantastic return to the Cronenberg-ed world, the bodies in the backyard and Rick's brilliantly disturbing rant at Morty to match the end of Season 1's first episode! (It is also a cautionary tale of why releasing limited edition versions of food and then removing them is a bad idea for people's mental health!)

(Glad to see that Tammi and Phoenix Person (née Bird Person) are out there somewhere, looking for vengeance!)

3.2: Rickmancing the Stone

"Rick didn't you say you needed my help on an adventure immediately - somewhere else, I don't care - even if it might kill us?"
"I did not, but if you are really that alienated I'm as willing to exploit it as the next guy, church, army or Olympic's gymnast instructor"

Why is language always the first thing to go childish after the bombs drop? The Mad Max/Fist of the North Star episode, in which both Morty and Summer get to release some of their frustrations about the divorce in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I really like that Morty's muscle memoried arm is a homage to The Beast With Five Fingers/Body Parts, but instead of being upset by the arm taking him over to perform acts of wanton violence on the way to revenging its original owner's death, it turns into Morty finding a better if transient father figure! They would be able to communicate better if Morty knew sign language though!

Though the best part of the episode are the bland, accommodating robot versions of the family created to fool Beth that everything is going OK, with the inevitable horrible pay off!

3.3: Pickle Rick
"Does Grandpa turn himself into a pickle a lot?"
"What?! No! What kind of question is that?"
"The one that was not designed to attack or hurt you in any way"
"Oh, Jesus Christ, one of these..."

The infamous Pickle Rick episode, showing off Rick's inventing ingenuity (and how much he wants to get out of a family gathering) even when he has no limbs to speak of! I suppose a fantastical story about Rick being a predator invading other people's environments and getting inside their heads to make them do his bidding, taking parts of them for his own purposes before moving on relates to the family having to go through a family counselling session in some way, but its a little hard to see a direct connection! :-k (I pretty much agree with the post-credits scene that if you have a network of friends you probably don't need therapy!)

He certainly loves the Rube Goldberg contraptions too, but hey if it works most of the time, keep doing it!

3.4: Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender
"You came here and defeated our arch nemesis whilst so drunk you don't remember doing it?"
"Look, I'm a little more complex than you guys and, no offence, but I have always suspected that a lot of what you do in a year could be knocked out in a couple of hours"

The satire on self-aggrandising superheroes. Let's just say that Rick is not that impressed by them and ends up drunkenly diverting the mission into a Saw-styled death game. Morty has to get over being left out of "Vindicators 2" as if he was one of the extended universe cast that just did not get picked for that franchise entry. Its all a bit blander in superhero world and not just because of less diversity in the casting after the second adventure whittled down the ensemble! There is also the cutting comment that all the superheroes are too focused on (and being destroyed by) relationship issues than anything more important!

I like the twist that whilst Morty is able to understand Rick enough to figure out all of his Saw-style games, the final test alienates him from Rick even more. Poor Rick though, he planned for Noob Noob to have been there all along, but his praise falls on deaf ears! I suppose it makes sense that Rick liked the one member of the Vindicators who got forced by the others to stay behind to clean up all of the mess he'd made! (And Noob Noob even missed out on partying with some sort of rapper named Logic!)

3.5: The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy
Rick takes Jerry on an adventure on a world with an immortality shield, where nothing bad happens to him at all. Summer gets all Attack of the 50ft Woman over a boy who was not interested in her and he ends up paying the price for it, with the help of Morty (this is where minor characters start individually paying the price for crossing the main characters). Its a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

The episode also has that time and consciousness merging sequence, but its effects are short lived!

3.6: Rest and Rixlactation
"Jacqueline, I wasn't who I said I was"
"You weren't a 14 year old boy from the Mid-West who ran away from his family and capitalised on his lack of conscience by becoming a stock broker?"
"Oh. I guess I was pretty up front about that, wasn't I?"

A post-traumatic trip to a day spa leads to Rick and Morty having all of their 'toxic' aspects cleansed from them. Whilst the toxic aspects are trapped in a disturbing gooey jar, Rick is left much more respectful and tolerable (but less driven by rage) whilst Morty loses all of his inhibiting neuroses and becomes a slick sociopath who might be more dangerous free of his fears. It is an interesting companion episode to Jerry and Beth on the counselling planet in season 2. Its also a fun riff on The Fly, not just having to get into a telepod to re-merge with their other sides but also in Morty doing a version of Seth Brundle's character arc from the film and acting disturbingly hyped up before blowing off the love of his life and dragging a new girl into the situation (Stacy, who just about manages to escape from the goo-world without their help of either of them in the post-credits scene!). It also shows just how much Morty is Jerry's son, as he's going through the same thing that Jerry does of getting everything he desires but then losing it all over again.

But it is also interesting that despite seeming mostly a better person after the detox that Rick's concern for Morty's wellbeing is part of his toxic side. And that there are also some consequences of 'toxic behaviour' that cannot be easily walked back after a sci-fi beam 'causing them' is shut off!

3.7: The Ricklantis Mixup
This episode is amazing, a Robert Altman-style interweaving ensemble narrative about life on the Citadel post destruction by Rick in episode 1 of the season. The Rick and Morty we know disappear off on an adventure to Atlantis and instead we see the Citadel through the eyes of different versions of the characters - a Rick who is hooked up to a memory repeating machine, a Rick working as a dissatisfied production line drone in a factory, a rookie cop Rick to a grizzled cynical and corrupt Morty (think Training Day), a bunch of orphan Mortys going off on an adventure that is equal parts Harry Potter, Stand By Me and I Wish, and a Morty running to be the first ever Morty President of the Citadel!

Its easy to see this all as a metaphor for race tensions, made even more absurd by every Rick and Morty being essentially exactly the same at a basic level and just sent down different paths by their indvidual experiences (I especially like the moment of the cynical Morty cop having to do "Aw, geez" patois to try and endear himself to the other 'street' Mortys!). I think we found out what happened to the 'evil Morty' too!

The episode also has a pretty devasating final shot of all of the bodies floating through space, though it must make it a real problem for ships to navigate to the space station! Maybe Ricks just portal gun there anyway? And maybe all the dead bodies work like the live Morty cloaking device from season 1?

3.8: Morty's Mind Blowers
This episode is fantastic as well, with Morty being (re)introduced by Rick to the room full of traumatising memories removed from him over their adventures. This even gets called out as being the equivalent of the Interdimensional Cable episode of this season and allows for free form quick snippets of adventures. I particularly like the squirrels memory, and the horror of Morty finding his true level! It is also amusing that they end up both wiping each other's memories at the half-way point of the episode, leaving Summer to nonchalantly pick up the pieces and put everything back together!

3.9: The ABCs of Beth
Beth has a crisis about her long lost childhood friend, who she might have abadoned in a fantasy land that Rick created for her. The friend has unfortunately been intimate with all of the fantasy creatures re-enacted in the most disturbing school play ever. Meanwhile Jerry is on the rebound with a new girlfriend, but she is a little too intense for him despite the three breasts.

3.10: The Rickchurian Mortydate
Keith David is back as the most petulant President ever, focused on settling scores and proving that he does not need anybody, like a spurned lover (but at least he has a sense of wordplay and panache about it, unlike some Presidents!), as he unfortunately tries to reign Rick in with the inevitable bloody consequences. If only he'd given Rick that selfie that he wanted Morty to have! Meanwhile Beth undergoes an identity crisis that ironically makes her get back together with Jerry. The ultimate terrifying ending to this season is Rick having to deal with the family unit re-forming around him, and having to apologise to the President so that things go back to normal! I wonder how long he will be able to keep the façade up for? It seems worse than being mind-probed in Galactic Federation prison!

This was a fantastic season, albeit cut short. Episodes 1, 7 and 8 were my favourites but every other episode had some interesting idea underpinning it, even at their random sci-fi shenanigan wackiest. I do hope that Tammi and Phoenix Person make a larger appearance in the future though! Though the reason why they do not do their traditional return for the final episode of the season might be that the season was cut to ten episodes from fourteen seemingly in the middle of production, causing episode ten to have to be turned into the climax instead (and according to the commentaries they were going to do another Intergalactic Cable episode as well as Morty's Mind Blowers but unfortunately had to substitute one for the other rather than being able to do both).

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