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Europe '51

Spine #674

Sep 24, 2013

Number of Discs: 1

  • 1.33:1 Standard
  • English PCM Mono
  • Italian PCM Mono
  • English subtitles

Europe '51

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Original release

Directed By: Roberto Rossellini
Starring: Ingrid Bergman
Licensor: Cinecitta

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Ingrid Bergman plays a wealthy, self-absorbed socialite in Rome racked by guilt over the shocking death of her young son. As a way of dealing with her grief and finding meaning in her life, she decides to devote her time and money to the city's poor and sick. Her newfound, single-minded activism leads to conflicts with her husband and questions about her sanity. The intense, often unfairly overlooked Europe '51 was, according to Rossellini, a retelling of his own The Flowers of St. Francis from a female perspective. This unabashedly political but sensitively conducted investigation of modern sainthood was the director's favorite of his films.

  • Both English and Italian versions
  • Archival television introduction by director Roberto Rossellini
  • New interview with critic Adriano Aprà
  • New interview with film historian Elena Dagrada about the different versions of Europe '51


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